Etiquette is a frequently misunderstood term.  It is often viewed as something fussy, outdated and unnecessary, but a working knowledge of the basics of etiquette and how it applies to your company can enhance your client relationships and put you well ahead of the competition.  Because immeasurable revenue is lost as a result of someone's breech of good manners tremendous value should be placed on how you and your staff relate to your customers and to each other.

Mary Harris is an etiquette consultant based in Princeton, New Jersey. She is available to travel throughout the country to present training seminars, keynote speeches, and one on one coaching.  Each new client is taken through an extensive list of questions to determine how best to craft each seminar. Her hands-on approach will focus on tailoring each session to the specific needs and challenges of the client. For instance, if you do not have and issue with employees dressing inappropriately then she will not spend and hour of your time talking about what to wear at the office.  Each program can be presented as a stand alone seminar or can be seamlessly joined to one of your company's internal training sessions.

Sales executives, entrepreneurs, meeting planners, customer service representatives, the list goes on and on.  If people are a key factor in your business then this is something your team should take advantage of. Recent graduates also benefit, many colleges and universities offer their soon to be graduates etiquette training to gain an essential edge as they enter the work force.

Mary Harris Etiquette Consultant
Good Manners Will Open Doors

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