Stack of Books

The Goal

The goal is to offer the small and mid-sized company similar training advantages to that of large Fortune 500 companies. By offering comprehensive training in business social skills you will foster seamless interactions between your staff and your clients while also building a stronger staff internally. Inspire your team and build confidence with a new set of business etiquette skills including restaurant dining, technology etiquette, verbal and non-verbal communications, business attire and good business manners.

The Process

Each new client is taken through an extensive list of questions to determine how to identify and capitalize on hidden opportunities and how to best craft each seminar. Mary’s hands-on approach will focus on tailoring each training session to the specific needs and challenges of the client. Each program can be presented as a stand-alone seminar or can be seamlessly joined to one of your company’s internal training sessions. Mary is available to travel throughout the country to present training seminars, keynote speeches, and one on one coaching.